Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Goals, New Possibilities

I'm a big fan of setting goals.  I do it every year, and I keep track of my progress in a small notebook.  I encourage you to do the same. 

One of my Squidoo articles is about this very topic:  Goal Setting - A Beginner's Guide.  I also wrote a teen version of the same article:  Abi's Files - Setting Goals and a story for children set around this theme:  Sara's Resolutions

My writing style has changed since I wrote all this.  The year 2009 was a very productive year for me and I learned a lot about writing.  Looking back at my old stories and articles, I blush and feel the urge to rewrite the whole thing.  *sigh* If only I had time to work on perfecting my 40 + short stories...  But my focus shifted some time in 2009 and now I have brand new goals to work on.  The short stories will have to wait.  Maybe next year...

My writing goals this year include:

1) Rewrite my middle grade novel (Meredith Mountain Miracle) with the help of reviews I'm receiving on my online review forum: Young Adult Novel Workshop (created by S.M. Blooding).
2) Finish writing my young adult novel (Generation Peace) and post the new chapters for review on the forum.
3) Write in my blog once a week. (Feel free to poke me in the ribs if I don't. LOL!)
4) Review one chapter a week for other writers on my review forum.
5) Network with other people in the writing industry, using Twitter, Facebook, and Blogspot.

Three of my five goals involve the online review forum I'm part of since September.  Joining the forum was a turning point for me.  It made me shift from writing short stories to working on my novels-in-progress, which was my ultimate goal.  Life has a way to lead us exactly where we need to be at exactly the right time.

Bye bye, 2009 and wecome, 2010!  I'm ready to get started towards my new goals.  In fact, I'm working on my Goal #3 right now.

What are your goals this year?

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ah man! I forgot I was going to get on Twitter at least once a day!

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