Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visiting Fallingwater

I visited Fallingwater (Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece) with my family at the end of August.


Located deep in the woods near Pittsburgh, PA, the house sits on a waterfall. The architect's intent was to have it blend harmoniously with nature. My husband took this picture from a site called "The View."
My husband and our oldest daughter took a long tour, while I watched the other two swim in our hotel's outdoor pool. The next day, we all went for a tour, a lecture, and a visit of Kentuck Knob, a nearby house also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
My kids would have been happy just swimming in the pool and eating free cookies and popcorn in the lobby the whole time, but the tours satisfied my husband's architecture background and I mused about how building a house is similar to writing a story. No matter what material you use, the style is what stands out in the end.
It amazes me that this luxurious residence had been built as someone's vacation house. When we came back to our plain, simple house nowhere near a waterfall, I sighed deeply and shook my head. There's no place like home!


Mark David Gerson said...

I love Frank Lloyd Wright! Never been to Fallingwater, but have been to his home in Oak Park, IL and seen a scattering of his houses over the years. What a genius!

ideathinker said...

yup, you where right this is a fantastic house and how the water flows underneat it.

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