Thursday, September 17, 2009

Learning HTML

I'm currently studying a book called "Step by Step - HTML and XHTML" from Microsoft (written by Faithe Wempen). It comes with a CD and is packed with useful information and exercises to apply the lessons learned in each chapter.

To practice what I'm learning, I started a free website hosted by 50webs:

This website is my student's notebook where I save information for future reference. It doesn't have all the details, though, just the things I don't want to forget.

I will add to it as I go through each lessons. I've completed the first five lessons so far. Now I'm getting into style sheets.

It looks kind of plain right now, because I haven't learned about frames and layouts yet. It will get better as I learn.


SM Blooding said...

Hey, Annie! Welcome to the blogging world! LOL!!! Hope you have fun with it!


Annie McMahon said...

Hi, Frankie!

Now I guess I have to find something to post about. I don't have any true vampire stories to tell, but I'll think of something. ;)

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