Monday, January 19, 2015

MG Book Review: The Mapmaker and the Ghost, by Sarvenaz Tash

General Information
Publisher: Walker & Company
Year of publication: 2012
# of chapters: 35
# of pages: 242
Genre: Adventure / Historical Fiction / Paranormal

Plot summary (from Amazon):
Goldenrod Moram loves adventure, especially when it comes in the form of mapmaking. An avid fan of the legendary explorers Lewis and Clark, she decides to start her own exploring team, the Legendary Adventurers, and to spend her summer vacation discovering the unmapped forest right behind her home. This simple task is complicated by a series of unique events-a chance encounter with a mysterious old lady has her searching for a legendary blue rose. Another, more unfortunate, encounter lands her in the middle of a ragtag bunch of nicknamed ruffians. Throw in the trapped spirit of Meriwether Lewis himself and her well-meaning but nuisance of a little brother, and Goldenrod Moram is in for the quest of a lifetime . . .

Positive Points
This story combines adventure (exploring a forest to draw a map), historical (Lewis and Clark), paranormal (a ghost), and fantasy (a blue rose that blooms only every fifty years). The blue rose and the ghost play a role in the plot, especially around the end, in this otherwise realistic story. Is this what we would call magical realism? Interesting genre.

The author definitely has strong writing skills. The story was told from multiple POVs, but it works well in this story. I especially liked the chapters told in Goldenrod's younger brother's voice, Birch. He sounded just like a real little kid.

The characters were very interesting and unique in their own ways. 

Negative Points
The six members of the Gross-Out Gang each had two names: a real name and a nickname. It was hard to remember them. I had to make a list to keep track.

What makes this book unique
The combinations of genres, as I mentioned earlier, is what made this book special. And if you like maps and exploration, this book is definitely for you.

Overall Impression
A little confusing at times with all the names and nicknames, but overall a very enjoyable read that appealed to the explorer in me.

My Rating:

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Ooh, I love historical fiction for this age! Guess I've got to pick it up. Thx for sharing.

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