Thursday, November 13, 2014


If you don't have a copy of my middle grade novel yet, now is the time to get one! For the next five days (Thursday, November 13 to Monday, November 17), you can download a Kindle copy of ADVENTURE ON NEMESIS MOUNTAIN for free!

Don't have a Kindle? No problem! You can download a free Kindle reading app from Amazon, on whatever tablet, smartphone, or computer you are using.

This makes a great gift for a child 8-12 years old, with the holidays right around the corner. For ideas on how to "wrap" an e-book, read this post, by Holly Allen.

Each time someone downloads a copy or spreads the word, a yellow -billed cuckoo from Nemesis Mountain sings a love song.

I hope you enjoy my story! I would love to hear your feedback, positive or negative. I've been in a critique group for over five years, I can take it. ;)

Your free book is just a click away:

Happy reading, and thank you for all your support!


pick a good book said...

Thanks! I just downloaded it.

Annie said...

Thanks for your support, Debbie!

Unknown said...

Downloaded! Thanks, Annie!

Annie said...

Thank you, Brenda! I hope you enjoy my story!

Emailman said...

Congratulations, Annie :) You did good! :)

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