Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Twitter Hashtags I Use

If you're using Twitter to connect with other writers or readers, you may want to consider using hashtags (but not more than two or three per tweet, or it gets difficult to read). Below is a list of the ones I use, or consider using.

What Are Hashtags?
Hashtags are words or expressions preceded with a # symbol. When used in a tweet, they become a link, or a search word, which leads to a list of all the tweets using the same hashtag. This is very useful to connect with like-minded people or to follow a conversation.

For example, if you want to connect with other writers in the process of writing, you may use the hashtag #amwriting (my personal favorite; try it now!); if you want to connect with other self-published authors, you may use #IndieAuthor, and so on. Every Tuesday at 9 p.m., children's writers use the tag #kidlitchat to talk about a specific topic related to children's literature. To be part of the conversation, just use the same tag in your replies.

Hashtags are not case sensitive, but capital letters may be used to make them easier to read, especially long ones (compare #bookreview with #BookReview).

I made a list of hashtags I consider using, then I went on to test how often they are used in a twenty-four-hour period and noted the maximum number of uses per hour (approximately) next to each hashtag.

This website is extremely useful in deciding which hashtag to use, as some are very similar but return different results. For example, when I tested #IndieAuthor, it returned a maximum of 50 per hour, as opposed to just #Indie, which returned 340. Of course, #IndieAuthor is more specific. #Indie could refer to musicians, artists, authors, etc. Sometimes it's better to reach a smaller but more specific audience. And the results may vary every day, but it gives an idea.

I started with a very long list, but I eliminated the ones that hardly anyone uses (according to

So here is my final list!

Children’s Writers
#KidLit - 120
#MGLit - 55

Indie Publishing
#IndieAuthor - 50
#Publishing - 100
#SelfPub - 40
#ePub - 40
#Indie - 340

Am ... Doing Something
#AmEditing - 70
#AmWriting - 700
#AmReading - 300

#BookReview - 50
#BookWorm - 300
#eBook - 500
#Goodreads - 90
#MustRead - 350
#Review - 500

#99cents - 200
#FreeBook - 150
#Giveaway - 4600
#BookGiveaway - 50

Days of the Week
#MondayBlogs - 1000
#KidLitChat (Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST) - 100
#WriterWednesday - 50
#IndieThursday - 40
#FictionFriday - 35
#FreebieFriday - 8200
#FridayReads - 400

#Quote - 2800
#Author - 300
#Writer - 240
#Writing - 600
#WritingTips - 120
#WriteTip - 170
#Grammar - 80
#CR4U (only for members of Clean Indie Reads) - 350

What hashtags are you using, and why?


Unknown said...

I just opened a twitter account this past week. So really basic questions here. Are you saying that if I use the #fill in the blank then it goes to folks in the category EVEN if they are not 'following' me ?

Annie said...

That's right. If they search for this hashtag, they'll see your tweet, even if they are not following you.

Laurel Garver said...

I'd add MyWANA (my "we are not alone"--a huge group of authors sharing supportive messages among each other) and #PubTip or #SelfPubTip -- useful info sharing among Indie authors.

I've used a few hashtags that got my Tweets a lot of traffic from folks outside the somewhat narrow writer/author camp: #creativity #productivity #self-care --using those can help you grow a wider audience.

Emailman said...

What a great post! And very helpful :)

Claire Caterer said...

Great list of hashtags! Thanks!

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