Thursday, October 30, 2014

First Book Signing! And a Fan from England

I had the privilege to attend my parents' 50th anniversary in Canada on October 4th. I'm so proud of them for being such a good example of love that lasts! Fifty years! Very impressive.

The event was at a sugar shack, near Quebec City. All my relatives were invited, and over 120 of them attended the event. That's a lot of relatives! I hadn't seen some of them for over thirty years, most of them for at least ten years. But somehow, thanks to my very supportive mother and her presence on Facebook, many already knew that I had published a book. I had brought a few copies (okay, a lot of copies) in case any were interested in buying one. I sold a few at the hotel, even before the event began. That made me happy!

I gave one to my parents during dinner, as an extra anniversary gift. To my surprise, my sister took the microphone and announced the release of my book, mentioning that I had brought some copies with me, if anyone was interested in buying one. People started lining up at my table to get their signed copy! I was not expecting that. The event was about my parents, not me!

I looked at my parents and saw the proud smile on their face. My daughter and my niece took pictures as I signed books. I felt like a superstar! I didn't mean to steal the show, but I must admit that it felt pretty good being a star, even for just fifteen minutes. It tasted almost as sweet as the maple taffy on snow we had later in the evening.

I ended up selling twenty-five books, which is impressive, considering most of my relatives speak mainly French.

Pavilion where we had taffy on snow after dinner

So now I have Canadian fans, including my parents, still young and beautiful after fifty years of marriage. Don't they look amazing!

Now I can officially say that have fans all over the world! Even from England! Not a relative, I've never met him in my life, but I wanted to include him in my blog tour since he took the time to take a picture of himself with my book. Hello, Andrew from England!

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haha!! This is the best post I've ever seen! :D The funniest thing ever! I'm so proud of you for publishing your book :)

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