Monday, November 18, 2013

Come and celebrate Indicated’s Launch!

My good friend, Louisa Clarkson, is launching a new website to help authors promote their books! Please join me in celebrating the launch of a wonderful new tool for authors!


Indicated is a pay-it-forward promotional and educational tool, offering self-published and small press authors the chance to gain exposure to new readers through features and reviews, and providing ongoing resources that will strengthen marketing endeavors.

To celebrate our launch on Tuesday, November 19, we’re giving away the seven goodies below to help authors and thank people for helping spread the word:

1. A $50 voucher for production of banners and bookmarks by Anastasia Creatives.

2. A $50 voucher for editing services by Kathy Lapeyre at Indie Editing (Kathy is an awesome editor with over 25 years editing experience).

3. Two guides from the Savvy Book Marketer (How to Sell More Books, and your choice of either How to Get Your Book Reviewed, Facebook Guide for Authors, or Twitter Guide for Authors). Valued at $54.

4. A Gold membership to Indicated (includes access to the review and support system, and book promotion library). Valued at $77.

5. A Silver membership to Indicated (includes access to the review and support system only). Valued at $27.

6. Two $25 Amazon gift vouchers.

Visit or Facebook to find out more. Good luck!


Unknown said...

Yay for Louisa and Indicated! She's definitely found a niche that needs to be filled. It's a brilliant idea, and I'm sure it will be successful. :-)

Louisa said...

Awww it didn't post my comment the other day! Now I can't remember what I said. Thanks Lexa and I hope you will join us and not run away when you're a big shot published author in Dec ;p

Louisa said...

Oh and thanks Annie

Annie said...

You're welcome, Louisa! Anything I can do to help. Oh, and I joined Indicated with a free membership. Now I just need to get a book published to have something to promote. And thanks for visiting my blog, Lexa! Here, have a hot cup of coffee. Milk and sugar?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a smart venture. I wish Louisa much success! :)
PS: no need to enter me. I'm happy to help spread word for freeeeee.


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