Wednesday, October 10, 2012

30 Best #literaryrestaurants Tweets

If you're on twitter, you probably noticed the #literaryrestaurants trend these last few days, started by @S___Elliott.

Some of them made me laugh so hard! Here are my thirty favorites:

1)  Lord of the Fries (@HardRockAtlanta)
2)  To Grill A Mocking Bird (@AdeleKonyndyk)
3)  The Crepes of Wrath (@TheHutchReport)
4)  The Sound and the Curry (@bclark7)
5)  Where the Wild Wings Are (@ThatDylanMurray)
6)  For Whom the Taco Bell Tolls (@TacoBell)
7)  The Bun Also Rises (@SoxOnTheBrain)
8)  ‏The Old Man & The Seafood (@RetroDoctor)
9)  Anatomy of a Burger (@SuebethSays)
10) Harry Potter and the Side-order of the Phoenix (@dermotmagee)
11) The Life of Pie (@TheCultureur)
12) Anne of Clean Tables (@DanielEBurke)
13) Harry Potter and the Giblets of Fire (@BauerOutage)
14) Portrait of an Artist as a Young Ham (@UncleJago)
15) Charlie and the Cheesecake Factory (@DonnaDiva)
16) 100 Years of Solid Food (@XtnIsNotABoy)
17) The Da Vinci Cake (@paganmeghan)
18) A Midsummer's Ice Cream (@AlinaK47)
19) The Red Lobster of Courage (@avengingbrooke)
20) Clifford the Big Red Hot Dog (@SkinnyNiggaTRaw)
21) 50 Shades of Gravy (@MustacheMitch)
22) Walk Two Spoons (@Splash0fKiera)
23) Love in the Time of Cauliflower (@ItsMikeMackey)
24) As I Lay Frying (@dan_z123)
25) Tequila Mocking Bird (@softballerrrr17)
26) Peter Pancakes (@psychofish77)
27) Peter Flan (@WhettedWilliam)
28) Lord of the Wings (@Quintaine)
29) Winnie the Stew (@genben9)
30) The Things They Curried (@HousingWorksBks)

Okay, just a few extras, because they're too good to ignore:
Beauty and the Yeast (@HardRockAtlanta)
Diary of a Blimpie Kid (@sweetonbooks)
The Ketchup in the Fry (@Whataburger)
A Tale of Two Zitis (@aspeed)
Nineteen Eighty-Fork (@stuartbthompson)

My daughter and I came up with a few of our own:
Mysterious Eggs Benedict Society
Anne of Green Bagel
Uncle Tom's Cabbage

If you had a literary restaurant, what would you call it?


Unknown said...

Those are a riot, Annie! Thanks for the laughs. :-)

Marcia said...

These are great! Thanks for the laugh.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Ha! I love these! So clever!

Anonymous said...

These are so funny... love them.

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