Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Find Agents that Represent MG

In my search for an agent for my middle grade novel, I came across some very useful sites that are loaded with information about literary agents.  I hope you find them useful too.

The first list is specifically about agents that represent MG.  The second list is more general and includes all agents.

Blogs by MG/YA Writers
(all have agent information and/or interviews)

Casey McCormick - Casey's blog hosts agent info pages organized by who they represent: PB, MG and YA.  She updates the pages regularly to keep them current. Most useful resource I found so far.  Each page includes a short bio, what the agent is looking for, what author they represent, links to interviews, and other useful information.

Jay Eckert - I've known Jay from my online critique group, and I knew he had a list of agents that represent MG and YA on his blog. I didn't need an agent yet back then, but now I do and I'm glad I know about his blog!  He updates his list regularly and adds new agents as they come up.  Each name is a link to the agent's website.

Mother. Write. (Repeat.) - Every time I searched for interviews for a particular agent, this site showed up in the top results.  Over 60 agents were interviewed, and they are listed alphabetically by last name, making it easy to find one particular agent.

Middle Grade Ninja - Robert Kent interviewed over 30 agents, asking them each 7 questions.  They are also listed alphabetically by last name.  Sadly, he is no longer updating his blog, but the reviews that are there can still be useful.

General Information
(sites you really should visit before querying any agent)

Absolute Write - This is a very popular discussion board for writers, free to join. It may be useful to find out other people's experience with an agent before querying.

Predators and Editors - This site is a must if you're querying an agent that is new or not well-known. It verifies that agents are legit and trustworthy, and flags those that charge fees or that are not recommended, for one reason or another.

QueryTracker - This site holds general information about each agent and links to success stories (interviews with writers that often include the winning query). It also lets you keep track of what agent you queried, record what the response was, and save a copy of your query. In addition to all that, there is a discussion board where members talk about their querying experience with each agent.

AgentQuery - Similar to QueryTracker. I still have to look into that site.

Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents - This site is very useful to find out the latest news in the literary agent world, including new agent announcements and what they are seeking.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Annie, for the info! I've used QueryTracker extensively and it is an invaluable tool for anyone shopping a book around!

I've never utilized AgentQuery, so that might be my next stop for when I hit the query trail again!

erica and christy said...

Great sites, Annie - good luck! (and so sad that every Saturday I check MG Ninja and he's still down. boo...but hope he's doing well.)

Annie McMahon said...

You're welcome, Jack! I'm glad you found my post useful.

Thanks for visiting, Erica and Christy! I just discovered MG Ninja and I'm kind of disappointed he's not active anymore. His blog is great!

Robyn Lucas said...

Thanks for doing all of this awesome research! Good luck

Anonymous said...

For awhile I bookmarked the "new agent alerts" on the Chuck Sambuchin's blog. Definitely a great resource. Thanks for this post :)

Annie McMahon said...

Thanks, Robyn and Gina!

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