Thursday, October 21, 2010

Editing Mode

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I haven't forgotten about this blog. It's just that revising my novel took over my life these last few months.  That, and the whole back-to-school craziness that goes with having three school-aged kids.

I've been receiving constructive feedback from my online critique group for over a year now. So far, six people have reviewed every single chapter of my MG novel (thanks Richard, Dezzie, Cheree, Tania, Laura and Kurt!), some others haven't gone through the whole book yet, but have given me many useful reviews and I hope they keep them coming (thanks Louisa, Chris and Ralene!).

I decided that now was a good time for another major revision, before the end of the year. So! I've been combining chapters, adding a brand new one, rewording, expanding, tweaking...

I'm also busy eliminating some of the "as" sentence structures, which I greatly overused throughout the novel. I realized it just recently, thanks to Ralene, who pointed out that I've used it 25 times in one short chapter!

I'm in editing mode. I won't blog much until I'm done. Meanwhile, you can read my Halloween short story to pass the time: Masquerade Ball.

Question for you: What sentence structure or word do you tend to overuse in your writing?


Jess said...

I use the words "that" and "then" too much.

I can relate to the school-age-kids-causing-craziness thing :)

Emailman said...

Go Annie! :) Your story has come on in leaps and bounds. I think the 'as something' sentence structure is a common flaw for a lot of us. I'm guilty :D

Annie McMahon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jess!

And Kurt, I probably got that from you. LOL Thanks for your encouragement.

Unknown said...

I overuse the 'as' sentence structure, too, so don't feel bad! I think varying sentence length and composition is tough. It's definitely something that I have to work on. I try to note it when reading good books, to see what I can draw on and learn from those who do it well.

Good luck with your edits!


Tana said...

I overuse 'just', 'and', 'like' and so on and so on. ;) I think we're all guilty. Good luck edits!

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