Wednesday, April 14, 2010

About Blog Awards

When I received my first blog award, I was flattered, but clueless.  I had to ask the person who gave it to me what to do next.  I received many others since then, and figured out a few things on my own.  Here are my thoughts about blog awards.

What's a blog award?
A blog award comes as a picture accompanied with instructions.  It's a token of appreciation that's passed from one blogger to another.

What do I do when I'm a lucky recipient?
1.  Thank the person who gave it to you by leaving a comment on their blog.
2.  Save the picture (right-click and save as...) onto your computer.
3.  Create a new picture gadget* to display the award on your blog's side bar.
4.  Insert the picture on a new blog post and follow the instructions that came with the award.
5.  Pass it on to other bloggers by typing their names, linking back to their blog, on the same post.
6.  Let them know they got an award by posting a comment on their blogs, including a link back to yours.

*To create a picture gadget (if you're using Blogger/Blogspot):
1.  Go on your dashboard and click on Layout.
2.  Click on Add a Gadget.
3.  Click on Picture.
4.  Title:  [blog award name]
5.  Caption:  Thanks, [name]!
6.  Link:  [link to the blog where the award came from]
7.  Image:  upload image from your computer.
8.  Drag the newly created gadget where you want it to be.

What's the point?
An award is fun to receive.  It means your followers enjoy reading your blog, which is always a good sign.

It's sometimes hard to find things to blog about.  An award can trigger interesting posts, especially when they come with questions to answer or other wacky instructions.  The award doesn't have to be posted right away.  I keep mine for when I'm short of ideas.

It's a way of networking and letting other bloggers know you appreciate their blogs.  I sometimes find new followers that way.

Here's an example
Thanks, Mireyah for giving me this award!

The instructions with this award are simple.  I only have to pass it on to three people I like.

Since everyone I like already has numerous awards, this award will go to my next three followers, in appreciation for their support.  I will add their names as they start following this blog.

(The fun thing about blog awards is you can flex the rules. LOL)

New Follower #1: Karen Jones Gowen
New Follower #2: Roland Yeomans
New Follower #3: Jennifer Shirk

Other examples
Superior Scribbler Award
Circle of Friends Award
Honest Scrap Award
From Me to You Award

What are your thoughts about blog awards?  If you're new at blogging, tell me if this explanation works for you.  If you're a long timer, let me know what I can add or change to make this post better.  I'm planning to direct new bloggers to this post whenever I give them an award.


Just Wendy said...

Annie, you have explained it beautifully. No need to add anything further. You'll be lucky to get any explanation on my blog!

I have so many awards that need attending too, it simply makes my head spin. I must get on to that....

Informative wee post :)

Unknown said...

Great post, lots of useful information. When I first received a blog award I was stunned and didn't really know what to do... I guess we have to muddle through and see what people have done beforehand.

Annie McMahon said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments, Wendy and Cheree!

Charmaine Clancy said...

Annie you have been generous with your information and encouragement! I want to say thank you for following my daughters' book review blog - it really motivates them to have followers. I have some awards for you at my blog:

Karen Jones Gowen said...


Thanks for the award (and for telling me about it so I could come get it lol!) And thanks for following my blog! I personally like awards, I like getting them and giving them because it's a way of sharing links and showing appreciation. I've discovered some great new blogs by following the links on award posts.


Annie McMahon said...

Thanks, Charmaine! (Sorry, delayed reaction. LOL) The boots on the Sunshine Award you gave me look like my fishing boots, except mine are white. I like the splash of yellow it adds to my blog.

Good point, Karen. I often visit blogs from other people who got the same awards, too. Great minds think alike!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, thank you!! That's so sweet. And I think you have a lovely blog, too!

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