Sunday, February 21, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

I received this award from Mireyah when I first started this blog a few months ago.  I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it, other than forwarding it to five people.  I only learned much later I was supposed to post ten truths about myself, but I never did.  Back then, I didn't know any other bloggers who hadn't already received this award so I never forwarded it either.  I just received this same award again last week, from Harley.  I guess it's time I catch up with my blog awards!  Here they are, my dear followers, ten truths about myself most of you probably don't know.

Truth #1:  I always write my new stories longhand before typing them. 
I seem to have more inspiration using a pen and a cheap notebook than using a keyboard, for some reason.  It's also more portable.  I can write from any location: in my car, at the pool between my daughter's swim events, in the comfort of my own bedroom before sleeping, or at a deli during my lunch hour.  I do my first revision when I type my handwritten notes.

Truth #2:  I studied computer programming in college in the 1980s, but I never worked as a programmer.
My life took a different course than what I had planned, somehow.  Computer languages changed since then, but I find it easier to learn HTML, Excel macros, or other current programming languages because of my background.  The essence is the same.

Truth #3:  I prefer to read (and write) children's novels (MG/YA) than adult novels. 
I'm too sensitive to read dark/horror, and I'm not into romance so much.

Truth #4:  I hardly ever watch TV. 
I'd rather read a good book.  I'm not into sports or politics, although I do watch the Olympics and the presidential elections.  So I can say I watch TV every four years, in average.  Haha!

Truth #5:  I followed the same pattern as my parents, as far as kids are concerned: girl, boy, girl, about the same distance apart. 
I'm the baby!  I hope my kids will be as sweet as I was as a teenager. *angelic face*

Truth #6:  I'm left-handed, and proud of it!
My husband is left-handed too.  Our three kids are right-handed.  Conclusion?  Left-handedness is not hereditary.

Truth #7:  I started writing in 2003, without ever taking a class or a seminar about creative writing. 
I wrote because I had a story in mind that needed to be told.  I blush now when I read my first manuscript.  I learned a lot since then, especially during the last five months I've been part of a review forum.

Truth #8:  My husband hardly ever reads anything I write. 
Fine with me!  He would be too harsh of a critic anyway.  I doubt he even reads my blog.  I guess I'll find out if he leaves a comment or not. ;-)

Truth #9:  I've been married with my husband for many many years, and still going strong. 
Seventeen years, to be exact.  We have ups and downs, but we made a lot of progress in our relationship since we've been together.  We know which buttons not to push.

Truth #10:  My reviewers sometimes comment on awkward expressions in my stories as I didn't grow up in America. 
I'm French Canadian.  I learned a lot since I came to New Jersey fourteen years ago with my very basic English I had learned in high school.  I continue to learn with the help of my reviewers and my kids, correcting me when I say something odd or when I mispronounce a word.  I still feel my vocabulary is not where it should be, and I'm terrified of making mistakes when I post a comment on a blog or in a forum.  I re-read myself several times before finally posting.

Okay, now I'm passing this award on to five awesome writers/bloggers:

Mary at The Entrepreneur's Wife
Kurt at Genius Bordering Insanity
Richard at MoW's Musings
Frankie at Ramblings of Frankie
Cheree at Justified Lunacy


Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

I am usually more inspired with pen and paper than typing too. Yet sometimes, there is something satisfying about the clicking of the keys. I think that comes from my childhood, using my grandmothers old typewriter (you know the ones that you had to seriously beat up to type? CLACK CLACK!) Great stuff!

Annie McMahon said...

Yeah, my mom had one of those, and I used it sometimes when I was a kid. I only used my two indexes to type back then. LOL

Emailman said...

Left-handedness is not hereditary! haha!! That's funny :D

Thank you for the award, Annie. When my insane life allows me, I will update my blog :)

Annie McMahon said...

You're welcome, Kurt! Can't wait to read your facts. That should be interesting!

Emailman said...

lol...You've probably heard them all before :D

Rachel Lim said...

I used to be left-handed, but my mom changed me into a right-hander when I was younger. It kinda makes me sad. :(

I learned so much about you! Cool!

Annie McMahon said...

Aw, Kurt! There must be at least ten truths I don't already know about you. Think hard!

Thanks, Rachel! If I had known you had a blog, I could have passed it on to you. Next time! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just checking out your blog. You guys talk too much lol. Nice rewards *wink* Are you guys sharing information with each other? I should warn you...make sure Lily Pink won't stalk you lol!


Annie McMahon said...

Hey, Dezzie! Where's YOUR blog? *hint hint*

Unknown said...

Thanks Annie. By the way, there's an award now waiting for you at my blog.

Rachel Lim said...

Don't you love blog awards? I have another one to add to your collection.

Annie McMahon said...

Wow, two more awards? I feel loved! Thanks, Cheree and Rachel!

Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

Annie! I got another award for you at my blog now too! Check it out at Creative Writer Award

Annie McMahon said...

Okay, now I really have to catch up with my blog awards. LOL Thanks, Harley!

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