Sunday, November 8, 2009

There's a monster under my bed!

Monster!Moooooommy! There's a monster under my bed. I think it's one of these Dark Wolves from the Truth Teller series I've been reading. These beasts are extremely dangerous. Only Dagan can defeat them.

Heeeeelp! It's going to get me!!

... Uh, never mind, it's only Shadow. I wasn't really scared, really, I wasn't. Can you leave the night light on, just for tonight, though?

(What? I can't always have serious posts, or I'll lose all my followers. All eight of them. LOL!)

In case you're wondering, that cute beast on the pictures is our family dog, Shadow. He's a schipperke (pronounced: skip-per-key), which is a belgium barge dog, a breed used by sailors long ago as companion and ratter.

Shadow loves going on the boat, and he looks just adorable with his little life vest:

Oh, and... he has no tail.


Mireyah Wolfe said...

Awwww, cute puppy. I want one. =(

Emailman said...

LOL...He's way too cute to be a dark wolf :)

Ralene said...

LOL! Oh yea, funny post. You haven't lost me. :P

Annie McMahon said...

He's cute, but he's a trouble maker. He steals boxes from my recycling bin and shreds them in the family room. He does the same with stuffed animals. And guess who picks up the mess?

Still want a puppy, Mireyah? ;)

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