Sunday, November 1, 2009

Elissa's Swimming Event

Today, Elissa had a swim meet and she finished first place in 50 breast. Woo hoo! Her time: 36.75 seconds.

I kind of lost track of her while filming when she did her turn. She's the one with the black cap in lane 4. I would advise turning the volume down to avoid being startled by the loud whistle, buzz, and cheering.

I was a timer for the first part of the meet, getting splashed every time a swimmer dove. Refreshing! It was so hot and humid in the pool area.

These kids are great. I get tired after one lap when I swim, but they go on and on without stopping. Elissa did 71 laps in 30 minutes during her T-30 test last month. She could have done more; she had a stomachache that day.

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Emailman said...

WOW, Annie! She's a proper little mermaid :-) She made me feel tired just watching laps! Man, I would die if I tried that.

Give her a big congratulation hug from me :-)


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